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One email signature is $81 year or $9 mo, two are $117 or $13 mo. Three: $153 yr or $24 mo. Five: 220 yr or $24 mo, Ten: $373 yr or $41 mo. With quantity the price lowers per email signature.

For a FREE consultation, design assistance and tips for the best way to set up your email signature, contact us at creativeemailsignatures@gmail.com

There are many exciting design possiblities. Once your account is set up, Creative Email Signatures offers continual support.

  • 7 years design expertise for an easy, enjoyable & seamless start-up process 
  • we assist in customizing the signature upon request, then send it back for your approval prior to installation
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  • Turn around time is 24-48 hours 

About Sherry & Creative Email Signatures 

      In 2010, Sherry Kule became ‘artist turned techie nerd’ by marrying the creative aspects of design with the technical.   Creative Email Signatures (then 90centWebsites.com) was born when she discovered interactive email signatures as a unique and professional way to offer her jewelry and other products to create brand and product awareness, without an expensive advertising campaign.  A lot of time, thought and expense are invested in a logo, branding and website.  She then asked, “is my message being heard or ignored?” 

     Sherry tested how to effectively communicate with her public and direct them to her solutions - within the live button.  Creative Email Signatures resolves many problems a business owner may have by increasing credibility and maximizing the value of their email space through "consistent branding that captures attention”  with every email sent. An email signature may also be installed onto an iPad and iPhone! 

     Have any questions or need assistance?  Write to creativeemailsignatures@gmail.com or call 727.543.9933.


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Like My Signature? Click here or call for help, questions 727.543.9933

Have questions?  Need pricing?  Stuck?  Need assistance or would like a FREE consultation and tips for the best way to set up your email signature?  Click the tabs at the top of this page or contact us at creativeemailsignatures@gmail.com and 727.543.9933..H


"Thank you Sherry.  Fantastic service...highly recommend!"  - R.K., Rodan + Fields Executive Consultant

I look forward to meeting you.  I am as passionate about email signatures today as I was 7 years ago when I first created my first one.  Please send me your completed email signature and your success with the service and concept and I will give you FREE branding on my Facebook page.  See more below...

Sincerely,  Sherry

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"I'm really happy with my new email signature.  It reflects the branding I use on my website and newsletters.  When I didn't have the signature I noticed that my emails had no identity.  They were just plain.  With the email signature, you know it's from me right away.
"Every time I send them an email they are getting my branding message. They see the pile of books I've written and that I've been in print for 30 years. And THAT makes an impression to them about who I am. I get to make the branding impression to my exact correct market: the people who are contacting me! I don't have to go find them. They are putting their attention right in my inbox, so every message that goes out has my branding message.
"For Halloween Sherry made a special Halloween greeting signature. I'm planning to make one to use over the holidays myself. So much you can go with this, and it doesn't have to be the same all the time. I consider it to be my "billboard" and I'm going to use it to promote many different things. 
"Thanks for telling me about this, Sherry, and for being a good support person to help me get the most out of it." - Debra Lynn Dadd, Author