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Designs for Direct Marketers (request yours if not below), Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

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Build Your Team Faster Using an Email Signature

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Professionally Brand and Market Yourself and Business

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Attract Attention When You Send Your Emails

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Brand & Market as a Professional, Inexpensively

                 Karen Gibbs                       Wellness Advocate                       (940) 240-7691                   Gift of the Earth



HERBALIFE -  Increase Revenue with Every Email Sent Using a Pre-made Design - a live slide show of products is available at no extra charge.


Body By vi  -  Monetize your Email Space with every email sent.  Ask how at creativeemailsignatures@gmail.com

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Animated Pre-Made Design, Available for Immediate Use - Just add Photo & Contact Info.  For Vets, Pet Sitters, Animal Lovers - The Buttons are Live to Click

.              Marlo Kimmel .                         Animal Consultant .                         727-385-2673

Amway - Products, Tag Line, Instant Recognition Creates Buyer Interest

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*PERFECT FOR FOLLOW-UP - here's an example of how to use one:

Dear (email recipient),

It was very nice meeting/seeing/speaking with you today.  Please click my 2nd (or others) button to review what we discussed.   Signed, your name and email signature!


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