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Simple Customization
With our easy to use design tool, we give you full control over your signature. You can add and remove lines of text, change the fonts, colors, size and more. The online design tool is included with every subscription and allows you to change your signature whenever you want. Once you make a change to your signature, it is effective immediately and it even affects all the emails you have previously sent!
  • Control all aspects of your signature customization.
  • Updates and changes apply instantly to all emails!
Interactive Buttons
Included with our online design tool, we give you full control over your signature buttons. You can completely customize your buttons shape, size, color, text, fonts and more! You can link your buttons to anything on the web, including: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Online Store, Portfolio, Resume, and Promotions. Increase traffic to your website and increase revenue dollars by advertising on every email!
  • Link to any webpage, videos or information.
  • Change buttons and links instantly, anytime!
Button Statistics
Also included with your subscription are button statistics. With this tool, each user can can view their active and inactive button statistics. Track the number of clicks for each button, the last time a button was clicked, all time clicks and more. You can also reset your button statistics to track advertising campaigns, or to determine which buttons achieve the best results.
  • Determine which buttons achieve the best results.
  • Track the number of clicks per button.
Mini Webpages
No website? No Problem! Your subscription with eSig Marketing gives each signature 5 individual, completely customizable mini pages. Choose from a selection of pre-designed templates for your mini sites, or choose to custom build your own pages. Create pages like: Contact Me, Location Info, Promotions, Contact Forms, and Refer a Friend. As easy to use as a word document, upload photos, videos, documents and more with just a click of the mouse!
  • Post information not available on your website.
  • Automatically links to any button you choose.
Custom Designs
Let us custom design you an interactive custom email signature for a minimal one time set-up fee. Designed around your corporate branding, your emails will be sure to stand out in the crowd! We can customize your signature using any Logos, Photos, Text, and now offering Animation! Captivate your customers with custom animated signature, showcase pictures of your products, use scrolling text and more... the possibilities are endless!
  • Designed to represent your corporate branding.
  • Stands out and attracts the recipient’s attention!
Standard Signature Design
Animated Signature Design
Need an eSig custom designed for you?

My eSig was designed with you in mind... that's why we offer multiple signature download formats that will work with almost all of todays leading email clients! Install on popular clients such as: Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Mac Mail, MSN, Hotmail, and Gmail.

Only $9 per Month!
  • Full customer support included with every account!
  • Compatible with all major email providers!
  • Easy one time installation on most emails!